Floor System

We finished removing the camper from the trailer and have begun the rebuild.  We had two treated  12′ 6×6 that we dug out at our shop. My awesome honey and his skills turned these into our floor joists.


The floor system is dry fitted to the frame, strapped down and ready to go to the shop.


Made it to the shop in one piece. Here we have added our bracing and bridging between the braces. Being sure to isolate the treated lumber from the metal frame by using  packing foam that was laying around the shop


In the picture above you can see how we have joined it together. The perimeter bands are 2 3/4¨ x 2 3/4¨. and the joists are 1 3/8¨” x 1 3/8¨. These are key dimensions through out the framing members of this project. It allows  two members to be cut from 2 by materials reducing material costs and weight while providing  enough space for many of the details that are to follow.


In this picture is the rear. In this area it will house a recessed 55 gallon plastic barrel for water storage. We plan to connect it to a 12v water pump for the shower and sink.  We have two whole house water filters that may end up being used here also, that is if it doesn’t restrict water flow to much. It will all be located under the sleeping area. Neatly hidden away with an access door under the lower bed.


We are ready to flash the underside and start setting corner post.  We are showing the posts in this picture. Which these post in particular are reclaimed hardwood from some 8′ shipping pallets. Most of them are hardrock maple, and a couple were poplar.  The distressed appearance of the posts only add to the character. They have been cleaned of nails and sized up with a table saw. Here again a with a little more effort and time the cost is still $0. Hard work does pay off or has this far.

trailer floor-EFFECTS

I am so happy to report that we are still keeping our cost down and within our budget. The further we get the more our dream becomes a reality.  The feeling of the uncertainty and the leap of faith we are taking has awakened a sense of passion we have not felt in long time.The joy and excitement this project has given us  is remarkable!

Oh, and did I mention ¨WE GET TO KEEP  THIS PROJECT!!¨ That in itself is PRICELESS!

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