Sheathing, A Little More,%3C%21–more–%3E

plywood floor
Took this picture while enjoying  the loft!

Hey Yall, We’re back!!!

We went and put us some plywood down!!!  Hee Haw!!!  Big red sure does look good Hauling this beauty!  If you keep on scrolling down, you will see we have placed our sheathing ! We sure are moving along pretty quickly with this here house of ours.. We are so excited to be taking this Suburban life and saying shove it!!


The tiny life is for us! 

plywood roof2

The Plywood was reclaimed from a house that was being deconstructed about six years ago. It was cleaned of nails and staples and hung as a ceiling in our shop since then. It has now been repurposed into our roof sheathing, providing access to the attic space of the shop in the process.

plywood roof3

plywood roof5

Above you can see the pallet rails that were turned into our loft rafters in this picture. The nails holes are still visible.   We still need to fill in the top of the sheathing with some strips of the same material, but I will get to it soon.

The next group of pictures is the loft area.





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