Siding Sneak Peek


 We finally found time to enjoy one of these beautiful fall days working on our house.

We started the morning out making some pretty final decisions to our kitchen and bathroom floor plan. Dave began taking measurements and crunching  numbers.


 After  an hour or so of back and forth with ideas and really getting down to business and placing things where we think they will work best we start to  get a feel for the lay out of the kitchen and bath. In the picture below Dave is trying to decide how tiny to make this very tiny bathroom before we place our permanent wall. Every square inch is adding up quickly.

Getting a feel for  tiny bathroom.

We finally make some final decisions on where to place our kitchen sink and the hot water heater.

floor plan 4
This is the 15 1/2″ x 25″ stainless steel sink we salvaged from the original camper trailer we started with. It has finally found its place in our new home.
This hot water heater was also salved from the original trailer We decided to place it under the sink
This hot water heater was also salvaged from the original trailer We decided to place it under the sink. (outside view)

Now with those things decided its time to finish the framing so we can start putting on the siding.

We had a neighbor   donate 14 sheets of hardie board and a stack of ceader planks. He was cleaning out his storage building and was going to throw it away. All we had to do was load it up. Now we have our side for free.

siding ceadar


A few passes on the table saw and those cedar planks became bevel siding.


The first few coarses are on and we begin to get a feel for how it looks,



The gable end is all closed in and looking great. The rough cut natural edge add just that right touch.

What a great use for what was destined for the fireplace.

siding8 - Edited

We went ahead and placed a few pieces of the hardie board on to see what it was going to look like. Now that just creats another huge decision. What color to paint it? That will come in time I’m sure, but we are not ready to decide that yet.

I love the way the siding completly changes the feel of our house. Hopfully we will be finishing the siding up and start placeing our windows. Sya tuned for further and thank ou for stoping by… 🙂  -Dave & Mandy

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