Lambs Tongue Chamfer Detail




I want to write a little about a detail I added to the corner posts on the front corners.

It mimics a detail I saw on a piece of seventeenth century furniture. I know it as a Lambs Tongue Chamfer.

I made these with nothing more than a handheld router fitted with a 45 degree chamfer bit.

I picked a place and marked the top line,  an inch below that line I placed another mark, and another mark 1/2 ” below that one.




The router and bit i used. a close look will reveal the shape of the chamfer bit.


The first cut leaves a half circle cove.


The lower cove cut stops at the bottom layout line.


Then the edges were just softened with a piece of 120 grit sanding belt folded for strength.


It gives these posts a more decorative look that will distinguish it from the surrounding surfaces,and only takes a few minutes to accomplish.



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