All Natural Walnut Stain

You might not find putting stain on something very interesting but what about making a homemade all natural Walnut stain?  My way involved a fire, a big mess and a lot of fun learning something new.

 I wanted to stain some trim and I have heard of making a stain out of walnuts and Im lucky enough to have walnut trees right here at my house.

First I had to do some research on how to make it.  The method is pretty simple. The video above is the one I based my method off of. The only thing I did differently was cook mine over a fire. The guy in the video cooked his on the stove. Walnut stain in my kitchen? I think not.

Warning: Wear rubber gloves. If you get it on your hands it will be on there a long time. It is a very effective stain.

The walnuts.
The fire.
I’m using the water to manipulate the fire to keep the brew just at a simmer.
I have walnut stain about halfway (1 hour) through the cooking process but it was very weak. It was about the color of tea. I wanted something darker. You can control the darkness by how much you let it cook down.
After a couple of hours of cooking it is much darker. The homemade stain does not have no where near the pigment or dye that the commercial satin might. If you want depth and color , you have to build it up but I think its awesome that it is completely natural, free and  beautiful.
Finally getting my hands dirty. 
Before Stain
After Stain

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