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The tiny house project has began to take us on a soul searching adventure. As we have began to build a home on such a tiny scale it has brought an entire new perspective to the way we live as a family. The entire dynamics will change to a much simpler way of living. We have already began to change the way we think. I always thought I was trying not to be wasteful but in reality I could have been doing so much more. It has been a rude awakening to the world around me. What a destructive and wasteful monster we can become sometimes without even realizing it.

Dave often shares stories about the house that his parents have and how much work they put into it. This house was built by his great grand father and its the house his father grew up in. It was abandoned for several years and was once used to stable horses, his bedroom had been used for hay storage. He and his parents have transformed this small crooked house into something that has sustained his family and will allow them a secure future.

Dave and I started searching about 3 months ago, to find a place where we could do the same,  Some place where we can show our children a way of life, where knowledge and sustainability will be important factors. Our perfect homestead. That is the overwhelming task at this time. Many prospects have appeared and each have their downside. Its easy to find a small parcel of land far away from town but it has been difficult to find one that is move in ready. With so much to consider, How do we pick the right place?


Our search has lead us somewhere though. A place semi-secluded, in an established development, with nearby neighbors, several secondary outbuildings, and land. The land has two small orchards and garden space. Also there is a home in need of severe repairs. We placed our bid and are awaiting a reply. We will suffer through the next several days in anticipation. Anxiously awaiting  our fate, we are at our limited budgets max and won’t have funds to do repairs till sometime later, a risk we are unsure to take.


However our belief that the universe will provide, and that our lives are dictated by forces beyond our understanding, that love is the basis of all that we create. We have faith that things will work out just as they are meant to. After all, it has brought us together and has taken us further  and further “down the rabbit hole”.

-Mandy & Dave

Mindshift- A shift in your mindset caused by creating something out of a fine balance between insights and                                                                  innovation, leading to a MindShift.

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