The reason why

Hey You!

We first found out about the Tiny House Movement 6 months ago. After a ton of videos and research we found ourselves so excited by the simplicity behind it all.  We have decided to downsize our lives and find out if its the lifestyle for our family of five.

After looking at the prices of some of the Tiny House packages available we quickly realized that was not the route for us. So with just our carpentry skills, pure determination and creative talents, My husband and I are embarking on a solo  construction of a Gypsy Style Tiny House out of all the reclaimed materials that we can get our hands on, while trying to  maintain integrity, class and style. We wish to transform what most consider waste into what some will call a work of art. We want to show others how it can be done, without a corporate stamp on it. With lots of hard work and the desire to create.

Did I mention Dave also wants to set our budget for the build at $2,500. I’m kind of sceptical but  I don’t think its impossible.

Dave has been into carpentry and fine woodworking for 20 years. He has operated  his own shop  the last 10 years. I, on the other hand only have one year of shop class from high school and rigorously working on my finish work skills the last 5 years in our shop.

We are so inspired by this project and can’t wait to see what we come up with. We feel very confident that this will be something amazing.

-Dave & Mandy

We hope to inspire others and be inspired by others. Please join us on our personal experience to discovery and feel free to share personal experiences with us!

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