Total Spent


        Please keep in mind when you look in disbelief at our total cost,  that we already had the tools. So we have no cost for tools specific to this project. We have acquired most of the tools used for this project over the span of five years at yard sales and pawn shops.  We  had  leftover  materials from past projects and we also used reclaimed lumber.  The siding was snagged from a friend on its way to the landfill.  There are no  labor cost due to the fact that we are doing it all ourselves from start to finish.

All in the effort to showcase our talents, our determination, and our passion.

“Imagination is the only truth, it can only be contradicted by another’s imagination.


             ⇓Purchased Items⇓                                ⇓Donated/Free/Reclaimed⇓

Camper……………… $300.00                                  10 Sheets Hardie Sheet

      Scrap Yard………… +$80.00                            Cedar Trim

Cull Lumber………. $8.00                                      Walnut Stain

Lag Bolts……………. $8.00                                     30′ x 30′ Fur Corbels

(2) 30 lb. Felt Paper…. $36.00                              Egress Window

Ball Hitch…………. $15.00                                      11¨ x 15¨ Textured Glass Window

Front door hinges…$2.00                                   18¨ x 60¨  Loft Window

Window hinges……$9.oo                                     30¨  Arched Dormer Window


                                                                                    All Framing Lumber

                                                                                    Water Heater

                                                                                   Loft cushion

                                                                                   Built in couch / bed

                                                                                   Electrical wiring  / panel / outlets / switches

                                                                                 l  Foam Board insulation

 Grand Total….. $298.00

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