Built Our Own Custom Built Mahogany Door

A friend gave me a few pieces of a beam that was removed from the roof of a local warehouse facility some years back, They were covered with a few thick coats of paint but i knew underneath that there was some wonderfully beautiful Mahogany. Here in the photo below, they are sitting on the table saw ready for their beauty to be revealed.


The first pass on the Ridgid granite top table saw. This saw is the heart of our small shop. It was purchased as a closeout sale item,for around five hundred bucks, and it has been worth every penny. It really is a work horse.We have owned it now for five years, We have adapted a Jet 52″ rip fence to fit this saw and built a outfeed table that also serves as the main workbench in our shop.

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Sheathing, A Little More Progress.data:text/mce-internal,%3C%21–more–%3E

plywood floor
Took this picture while enjoying  the loft!

Hey Yall, We’re back!!!

We went and put us some plywood down!!!  Hee Haw!!!  Big red sure does look good Hauling this beauty!  If you keep on scrolling down, you will see we have placed our sheathing ! We sure are moving along pretty quickly with this here house of ours.. We are so excited to be taking this Suburban life and saying shove it!!


The tiny life is for us! 

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